business development


In 2015 the entrepreneurs Martijn van Dort and Norbert Bessems asked Reinoud, to help them with taking the lead for the commercial business model and managing their business development.

Assignment: Coming from a background in building up an international organization that focusses on producing high quality visuals and digital tooling Martijn, Norbert and Reinoud set up Scaura, a digital start-up, in which they combined their expertise which they gathered over the years.  By choosing a market approach structured around partnerships direct sales and a digital campaign. Strategical contacts were made, direct sales accounts were approached and a digital campaign was set up to enable the ideal go to market based upon pay per user structure.

Result: Exploring the commercial possibilities of the Scaura product by piloting with strategical distributing partners, while leading the continuous development of the commercial organization.  

Project duration: 12 months