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Here you can find a selection of projects we have worked on over the last few years. We present a short summary of the assignments and the results of the different projects.

Nieuw Wij

In 2017, founder of the Nieuw Wij network, professor Manuela Kalsky was challenged with guiding her initiative through a phase in which the business model had to be rethought.
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In 2016, Reinoud was approached by the founder of Ashoka in the Netherlands for helping them develop the Dutch community and underlying partnerships.
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In 2016, Mckinsey Germany approached Reinoud through the Ashoka network to help set up knowledge sessions around youth unemployment.
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In 2015, being a former board member of the CDA Amsterdam, Reinoud was asked by their representatives to lay the foundation together with them for the electoral program in 2018.
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In 2015 the entrepreneurs Martijn van Dort and Norbert Bessems asked Reinoud, to help them with taking the lead for the commercial business model and managing their business development.
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Protestantse Kerk Amsterdam

In 2014 the Protestant Church of Amsterdam showed far going interest in theoretical and practical knowledge on how to approach social innovation for their pioneer projects in specific areas in Amsterdam.
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De Nieuwe Poort

In 2013 entrepreneur Ruben van Zwieten had the intention to create a meeting place in the middle of the Zuid-As for 50.000 professionals who work in the area. After a period of searching in order to find the right place, a vacant office location was chosen as the base for the foundation de Nieuwe Poort.
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