business development


Here you can find a selection of references of the partners we have worked with. 

Pauline Mbundu

'Reinoud and I worked together on the design and execution of the reThink refugees event that took place on 26 and 27 March 2017 in The Hague. It was a successful event with many stakeholders and more than 200 participants. In the 6 months preparation of the event, Reinoud’s compassion for social topics and the need to contribute in a positive way to the integration of refugees, was a driving force in the team. Reinoud used his network to the fullest to benefit the reThink refugees event and got the right people involved. He did his outmost best to look for funding and was responsible for the communication (website, newsletter, surveys). At the time he was representing the organisation Ashoka and proved to be a reliable and important contact person for us. Reinoud knows how to get things done, gets people on board, keeps the overview and stays committed. It was a pleasure working with you. Together with his intern Ellen Denteneer they formed a great team. Thank you for that!'

Marie Seeger

'We have to definitely thank you a lot for hosting us at the ImpactHub and giving our event so much practical relevance and insights from the actual "field" if I may call it that. The participants were very much impressed by the depth their initial thoughts received after talking to the two of you. They said things like: "I would have liked to spend more time working with Reinoud" "I was impressed by the creative input we received" "It was the first time I could very concretely comprehend the topic we were working on and it's relevance" And for Felicitas and me, it was a very cool experience to get to know the ImpactHub and learn about your work - very inspiring!'

Niels Hogenhout

'Reinoud is unique in his ability to recognize opportunities and find cooperation partnerships. He looks further than his own position and will always strive for improvements for the organization he works for and for his business partners as well. Especially the latter is his power; to enter long term relationships with his business partners. His strengths lies in making the initial contact and opening doors. '

Kasia Schiller

'Reinoud’s dynamic and positive personality was an enormous asset in the company where we worked together. He does an excellent job of motivating colleagues to excel against the competition and improve in everyday tasks. He is also very skilled at building strong relationships with clients and he thinks out of the box – these skills enable him to create many new opportunities on the market and make a big difference.'

Eduard van Holst Pellekaan

'Reinoud is the living embodiment of ‘getting things done’. He is a great business developer with a keen and swift eye for new opportunities. Reinoud is able to bring different parties together and motivate them to take their business to the next level. What makes it really enchanting to work with Reinoud is the fact that he combines guts with great heart.'

Bas van der Graaf

'I’ve met Reinoud during a masterclass ‘Church as pioneering social enterprise.’ In him, I met an enthusiastic and passionate trainer, who, though still young, can draw on a broad range of experiences. He is inquisitive and flexible, which led to the gradually tightening and adjustment of the master classes. Reinoud works from his heart and is continually looking for ways to help others find and fulfil their mission in life. It was a pleasure working with him and it definitely won’t be the last time.'

Martijn van Dort

'For exploring all the commercial opportunities that our Scaura platform offers the market, we hired Reinoud to set out on scoping down the most important partner organizations and clients in specific sector. His work included strategically mapping these sectors, attending trade shows, setting up meetings, giving presentations and closely working with our digital marketing and developers on a daily basis. It was a challenging task and together we learned a lot, we are pleased that throughout this phase, we found that he brought the right spirit and energy to the team.'

Brechtje van der Feltz

'Reinoud and I worked together at De Nieuwe Poort. Reinoud joined the team just before the official opening when the team looking for someone who could get things done. It turned out that he was just the right person for that. Reinoud operates precise, determined and with confidence. With his previous experience he helped building and guiding the team that would run De Nieuwe Poort in her start-up phase. His ability to switch between his hard and soft skills was very useful since he had to deal with a lot of different actors and tasks at once. It was a pleasure working with Reinoud!'